Separator Р-1-1 V=15м3 Pn=6,3 MPa is manufactured as per contract terms and delivered to the client's site at Kharkov region.


50 m3 Undergroung Tank is manufactured in short period and delivered to the site in Kharkov region, Ukraine.


The set of 11 (eleven) Undergroung & Aboveground Tanks (5, 25, 50, 55 m3) is manufactured in very short period and delivered to the site in Poltava region, Ukraine.


2 (two) Natural Gas Filter-Separators TNGS-530/25 are delivered to AZERIGAS.


The set of Carbon Steel 25 m3 Underground Drainage Vessel and 2 (two) Carbon Steel 50 m3 Underground Storrage Tanks is delivered to UKRTRANSOIL sites.


Carbon Steel 2 m3 Underground Vessel for Condensate Storrage is delivered to one of the UKRTRANSGAS sites.


In February 2017 the high pressure Air Receiver В 0,5 - 4,0 - 1 is manufactured & delivered to the Client.


Nitrogen / Instrument Air Receiving High / Low Pressure Units Project Design Documentation is developed, Equipment is manufactured, delivered to the site in Uzbekistan and started up in operation on "turn key basis".


А regular supply of original spare parts for compressors Ariel Corp., USA is provided.


The works on Packaging, Installation & Start-Up of 48 pcs. АNМ 7000/0.6-250, АNМ 10000/0.5-250, АNМ 10000/0.7-380 Type Oil  Pumping Units made by NasosEnergoMash JSC for  the Construction of ESPO-II (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean)  oil pipeline completed in December 2012.