Gas Dehydration Module

Gas dehydration module is accomplished as a frame structure with process equipment mounted on it, including

  • adsorbers,
  • oil separator,
  • heat exchanger,
  • control valves,
  • ball valves,
  • check valves etc.

When absorbing moisture from gas adsorbent becomes wet and its absorbing properties gradually become weak. The adsorbent is regenerated by back flow of low pressure heated gas.

For the purpose of the module continuous operation it includes two adsorbers, running in turn, and special shutoff and control valves. Depending upon operation conditions of the compressor package and gas dehydration module, temperature and pressure of gas used for drying, each adsorber running hours shall not exceed 8 hours without regeneration. Running hours before regeneration for each adsorber shall be determined by trial during system operation.

Automatic control system (ACS) monitors module operation parameters. By customer’s request ACS is capable of process switching over shutoff and control valves positions.