Compressor Skid For Poor Wells

Gas transmission compressor skid БКУ 6-25/3100 is designed for natural gas receiving, compression and discharge to the main compressor station or gas main pipeline.

The skid ambient operating temperatures are within the range from -30º С to +50º С, seismicity is up to 9 magnitudes as per 12 magnitude scale.

Technical parameters

Capacity 3100 нм3
Gas pressure:

Suction 0,6 (6,0) МPа (kgf/сm2)

discharge, max 2,5 (25) МPа (kgf/сm2)

Gas temperature

Inlet from minus 5°С to 30°С

downstream of the aftercooler from 20°С to 50°С

Consumed power, max 170 kW
Crankshaft rotational speed 900…1500 rpm
Compressor type stationary, opposite, two-row, two-stage
Number of compression stages 2
Number of cylinders 2
Electric motor 2В280S4  380 V, 50 Hz
Power 160 kW
Working medium natural gas
Weight, max 8 500 kg