Fuel Gas Separator Module

Fuel gas separator module consists of a separator and process piping with shutoff and control valves installed on a frame.

The separator is accomplished as a vessel resting on a support. The vessel has following process sections:

  • section of admixtures and liquid collection (a lower depositing tank) equipped with nozzles for condensate disposal and draining, nozzle for steaming and blowing out, inspection glass, nozzle for gas venting to flare, nozzles for instruments;
  • section of mechanical impurities and dropping liquid separation that is accomplished as a common header of gas being cleaned. This section is equipped with integral multi-cyclones and inlet nozzle;
  • upper section is designed for collection clean gas. It is equipped with an outlet nozzle.

There are differential manometer taps installed on inlet and outlet gas nozzles.

Fuel gas separator module is operated in the following manner:

  • Gas with mechanical impurities and liquid drops travels from the pipeline through the separator inlet nozzle to the cyclones area.
  • Cyclones operation is based upon utilizing centrifugal force generated by rotating gas-liquid flow.
  • Centrifugal force is applied upon particles of admixtures making them travel towards the wall and further down spirally into admixtures collection section.
  • Travelling downward, gas flow partially changes its direction travelling into cyclones axial area and turning upward.
  • Mechanical impurities and liquids due to their inertia can not travel upward and continue their travelling downward into the depositing tank from where they are deposited from time to time through process pipelines and valves.
  • Clean gas travels through outlet nozzle and pipelines for further treatment.

Such instruments as automatic and visual level monitoring chambers, manometer, pressure transmitter, differential manometer, thermometer are installed for keeping the module in operation mode and monitoring its parameters.