Air Cooler

Air cooler (hereinafter referred to as AC) is designed for cooling RDEG (regenerated diethylene glycol). AC can also be utilized for cooling and condensing other gaseous and liquid media in gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

AC overalls make it possible to deliver it in assembled condition. It also can be shipped to the customer in separate subassemblies.

AC can be operated in moderate and cold climatic regions with wind velocity according to the II geographical region as per Building Codes (SNiP) П-6-74 and seismicity up to 7 magnitudes (SNiP П-А 12-69).

AC does not require a special building and can be installed out-of-doors.

AC shall conform to requirements of general technical conditions of GOST R 51364-99, ОSТ 26-21-01-96, ОST 26-291-94, ПБ 03-584-03 and design documentation approved in due course.

Air cooler АВО-201 is designed for cooling regenerated diethylene glycol and is accomplished as a rectangular structure consisting of a circumferentially finned tubes that connect two split chambers for gas supply and discharge.