Fuel Gas Reducing Module (FGRM)

The module is designed for fuel gas pressure control. It can be applied at oil and gas fields.

FGRM is manufactured in «УХЛ1» climatic version of location category 1 as per GOST 15150-69. Its normal ambient operating temperatures are within the range from 213К (minus 40°С) to 310К (+37°С), relative humidity is up to 100% with precipitations.

FGRM is accomplished as a set of shutoff and control valves with piping installed on a frame.

Two downstream direct-acting pressure reducing controllers (one in operation + one in standby) are included in the scope of FGRM.

Direct-acting pressure reducing controller includes:

  • inlet and outlet shutoff valves (BV) designed for shutting off the controller when being inspected or repaired;
  • safety valves (SV) downstream of the controller are designed for protection against overpressure in headers;
  • for the purpose of the controller setting there is a manometer and pipeline with shutoff valves for gas venting to flare installed at the outlet.

Fuel gas pressure is reduced in the module down to 4…5 kgf/cm2, required for firing gas turbine engine.