CNG Vehicles Refueling Compressor Station

Gas vehicle refueling compressor station is designed for refueling vehicles running on compressed natural gas.

The station ambient operating temperatures are within the range from minus 30º С to plus 50º С, seismicity is up to 9 magnitudes as per 12 magnitude scale.

Compressor type – Ariel, opposite, 2-4 row, 2-5 stage. The station can be equipped either with one or two compressors.

The station is accomplished as a number of functional process equipment units connected between each other with gas piping and cabling.

Vehicles are refueled through dispensers.

Refueling process is controlled by the automatic control system (ACS).

Station units are prefabricated. They are quality controlled, tested and accepted. Units are accomplished within transportation overalls. There is no need to disassemble them prior to transportation and further assemble them at site.

Technical parameters

Capacity from 400 nm3/h to 2500 nm3/h
Suction pressure from 0,03 МPа to 8 МPа
Vehicle refueling pressure 19,6 МPа
Gas pressure after compression 25 МPа
Station total consumed power  from 75 kW to 200 kW