Gas Heating Module

Gas heating module consists of the heater and process pipelines with shutoff and control valves. All these items are mounted on a frame.

The heater is accomplished as a horizontal vessel consisting of the casing and two U-type heat exchangers. The heater rests on supports. Heater casing is made of sheet metal. Two heat exchangers are installed in the top part of the heater and five thermal electrical heaters are installed in the bottom of the heater.

Gas heating module is operated in the following manner:

  • Heated gas travels into heat exchangers connected in parallel.
  • Heat exchangers and gas are heated by electrical heaters through anti-freeze (40% DEG solution), circulating in the casing.
  • Following instruments are installed for keeping the module running and monitoring its parameters: automatic and visual level monitoring chamber, manometer, pressure transmitters, differential manometers, thermometers.