Correct equipment selection (engineering) makes it possible to substantially decrease production / purchase expenditures for the equipment selected, as well as expenditures for its further operation and maintenance.

Our experts will prepare optimum offer for equipment selection regarding its power and capacity. They will take all your automation and safety requirements into account.



Manufacturing is based upon our own production facilities involving required experts of the highest qualification.

In addition, our company is an authorized packager of Ariell Сorp., USA, compressor equipment in Ukraine.



Installation, Supervision, Pre-Commissioning

We perform installation and pre-commissioning of equipment supplied both by our company and by other suppliers (including foreign ones) in optimum time-frame.

It is also possible to arrange qualified supervision of equipment installation process performed by Customer’s employees (supervision).




Not to leave the Customer without aftersales services is our rule!

After expiring guarantee period we, upon Customer’s request, perform maintenance of the supplied equipment as per the schedule agreed beforehand.

Qualified and regular maintenance is an insurance of failsafe operation.

Besides, scheduled maintenance makes it possible to estimate maintenance expenditures.



Existing production capabilities make it possible to perform repairing works of any sophistication as per the tight schedule agreed with the Customer in both our own or Customer’s facilities.

We supply original spare parts and components for performing repairing works.