Gas Tank Truck ПАГЗ

Gas tank truck ПАГЗ is designed for refueling vehicles running on natural gas by non-compressing technique at specially dedicated sites.

Ambient temperature during operation shall be within the range from minus 40°С to plus 50°С, relative humidity up to 100%.

Gas tank truck ПАГЗ is accomplished as a number of compressed gas tanks that are connected with tubing to gas distribution and gas filling equipment. Tanks are attached to the truck platform with metal strips.

Fire extinguishers are arranged on the stopper frame. The third fire extinguisher and fire blanket shall be in the driver’s cabin.

A chain is attached to the rear part of the truck for the purpose of static electricity elimination during its movement.

An earthing wire is attached to the truck. It connects all tanks with the ground stake during vehicles filling.

Tanks are connected into 3 sections. These sections are connected to the gas distribution unit.

Gas tank trucks ПАГЗ operation process includes filling its tanks with gas that is compressed up to 24,5 МPа (250 kgf/сm2) pressure from stationary gas refueling station and transportation compressed gas to vehicles refueling sites and refueling vehicles up to the pressure of 19,4 МPа (200 kgf/сm2).

Gas tank trucks ПАГЗ can also be used for supplying gas to small residential communities for their daily wants.