Biogas Transmission Skid

The skid is designed for transmission biogas to customer’s pipelines.

It can be applied as a waste-free production in numerous agricultural and food industries.

Both organic wastes of food industry, agriculture (animal wastes, brood, bio waste) and such “energy rich” plants as maize, corn, sugar beet and many others can be used as a raw material for the biogas transmission skid.

The skid is manufactured in «У1» climatic version with location category 1 as per ГОСТ 15150-69. Its normal operating ranges are 0°С + 40°С temperatures and 90% relative humidity.

Technical parameters

Working medium description  natural gas
Working medium designation slightly aggressive, explosion and fire hazardous
Gas capacity 15 nm3/h
Suction gas pressure 0,02…0,05 (0,2…0,5) МPа (kgf/сm2)
Discharge gas pressure 0,3 (3) МPа (kgf/сm2)
Inlet temperature from 0°С to +40 °С
Weight in the scope of supply 140 kg
Overall dimensions

length - 1100 mm

width - 800 mm

height - 820 mm

Average oil consumption 25 g/h